Rich Yueh
Rich Yueh
Human Factors Researcher and Photographer
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Hi! My name is Rich Yueh. I'm a fan of nicely pulled ristretto shots, cool sneakers, and free shipping. 

In all that I do, I aspire to help people tell a fuller story.

A story that is deeper, more insightful, or free from limiting constraints. This could be via something complex like research designed to measure cognitive states and psychological beliefs through the capture of human behavior. Or it could be via something simple like a click of a shutter. 

I love what I do. More than that, I love working with creative, talented, and forward-thinking people who also love what they do. These are my passions converted into reality and each day is a new adventure in learning, sharing, creating, and exploring.

When you're ready, tell me your story. I'm excited to hear it.