Rich Yueh
Rich Yueh
Human Factors Researcher and Photographer


I primarily emphasize experiments and various behavioral research methodologies in my research designs to explore two main topics. I'm in the management information systems (MIS) department of the Eller College of Management at University of Arizona, located in sunny Tucson, Arizona. My advisor is Joseph (Joe) Valacich.

Capturing efficacy

My main research interest is how to tell a more insightful story of efficacy: the behavior exhibited during performance on a task, with regard to outcome metrics, self-efficacy, and self-regulation. The goal is to understand the differences in behavior expressed between users with high and low self-efficacy in correlation with high and low self-regulation. Such metrics of behavior can be captured and discerned using theoretically-grounded computer mouse tracking technology. I plan to use this knowledge to create a model of efficacy that surpasses the limitations of perceived self-efficacy measurements. Future work will include designing user experience interventions to drive efficacious performance in an information system. In these pursuits, I primarily employ behavioral experiments, complemented by perceptual survey measures. 

Learning fostered through information systems

On a broader scale, a secondary research interest is how learning and training can be fostered through traditional and developing information system contexts. An example of this is an adaptive learning management system that responds when it senses a user is having difficulty with a portion of the material. In these pursuits, I primarily employ behavioral experiments and observation, complemented by survey research. 


A core foundation of my teaching philosophy is to help students engage with the material in an applicable manner. I strive to implement a classroom environment that allows students to ascribe meaning to what they do. Through understanding this meaning and engagement, they can tell a more rounded story of their skillset as they progress through their careers. It is my goal to constantly refine my teaching to reach students of all abilities and learning styles. I rely on active learning principles and techniques when designing and teaching courses. 

I earned the University of Arizona's Certificate in College Teaching and received the James F. LaSalle Teaching Award for Excellence as a Graduate Instructor.