Shooting with Rich Yueh was a unique and great experience. His fun and comfortable personality makes him relatable, and the shooting enjoyable. He does a wonderful job of capturing women in their element, even if he has to stand on a table to get the right angle! I love his taste when he helped choose the place, set, and direction. He has taken some of my favorite photos of myself.
— Astrid ( in Atlanta, Georgia



I embrace harsh light. It’s a product of living in sunny Arizona when I started photography and now I bring that brightness into all of my locations.



Part of the fun of photo shoots is finding unique locations and environments. What is the location saying to us? How can we incorporate it into poses, outfits, and the overall theme?



Harmony is what brings everything together. Light means nothing without shadow. We seek that pleasing sense of balance. I create or look for harmony in textures, colors, and other details of the shoot.