Hi, I'm Rich


I love to try new foods and I’ve always been interested in cooking and kitchen culture. I started photography with shooting for restaurants and food events. Now, instead of mise en place, I work with mise en scène.


On shoot day, I'll be in various amounts of black clothing and most likely a funky pair of Nikes. Fashion photographer Lindsay Adler requests her assistants wear all black so as not to affect the lighting, and that's both a technical and style cue I carry forward into my shoots. The shoes allow me to add some splash so it doesn't look like I only own one outfit. 


I think that inspiration often comes from places where you can look at things in a new way. One of the strongest influences on my work was touring Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona. He designed homes and buildings to stand out in form and style, yet not detract from the surrounding locale.  

I had so much fun shooting with Rich! He found some really cool locations, like an amusement park and a spot inside a restaurant. He made the shoot fun and comfortable, and picked locations that were natural for my personality.
— Taylor (@taylordavidson10) in Phoenix, Arizona